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 SAG - AFTRA & AEA                          US/CANADA

Dialects   &    Voices

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Irish Generic

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English RP

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Australian/Vegan Vlogger

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Valley/If I were Alexis

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Child/Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network

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If Miranda Priestly was from Queens

Cast me in...

roles where I get to play loners or caretakers who are experiencing a truly profound, otherworldly love; especially those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for it.

Sacrificial Loner Role Examples: Anya Chalotra in “The Witcher”, Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games”, and Siorsia Ronan in "Brooklyn"

Otherworldly Love Role Examples: Kiera Knightly in “Pride and Prejudice”, Alicia Vikander in “The Danish Girl”, and Marisa Tomei in “Only You”. 

Upcoming Projects:

  • "Ladder to the Moon", Pre-Production. An off-broadway play turned film, written and produced by Chelsea Marie Logan

  • "Thoughts in the Attic", Pre-Production. A monologue anthology performance from her artists' group The Crone Collective.


In the fall of 2021, The Crone Collective was born. A community where artists meet once a week to collaborate on future productions, as well as find support and an outlet to vent, empower, and advise while navigating a nuanced industry.

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Demo Reel

*Commercial Reel upon request*

Lets Connect

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